Harbour Blues

Guitar | Godin 5th Avenue

Bluesharp | Hohner 150th Anniversary (C) | played in 5th position (= key of E)

"Steady Thumb Blues" originally written by Justin Sandercoe.

Recorded in October, 2011
©2011 Merula Productions
I Had A Real Good Mother And Father

Guitar | Godin 5th Avenue
Bluesharp | Seydel 1847 Silver (Custom Beta-Basic) in the key D | played in 2nd postion (= A)

Washington Phillips recorded "I Had A Good Mother And Father" in 1928 or 1929.

Recorded in May, 2011
©2011 Merula Productions
Church, I'm Fully Saved Today

Bluesharp | Hohner Marine Band DeLuxe BetaHarp-1 in the key G | played in 2nd postion (= D)
Guitar | Godin 5th Avenue

Blind Willie Johnson's "Church, I'm Fully Saved Today" (written by William J. Henry, 1911).

Recorded in January, 2011
©2011 Merula Productions

Guitar | Godin 5th Avenue
Bluesharp | Seydell 1847 SILVER+ (F) played in 5th position (= Am)

An adaption of "Annabelle" (written by Gillian Welch, 1996).

Recorded in November, 2010
©2010 Merula Productions
Sundown Blues

An adaption of "Sundown Blues", originally written by Alec Johnson, who recorded this song for Victor Records in Atlanta, in 1928.

Inspired by the version of Larry Johnson and Nat Riddles on their album Basin' Free from Spivey Records, 1983.

Recorded in February, 2010
©2010 Merula Productions
Last Fair Deal Goin' Down

Originally written by the famous Robert Johnson who recorded this song in San Antonio, Texas, on November 23, 1936.

Recorded in January, 2010
©2010 Merula Productions
Glory Land

Old gospel song "Just Over in the Glory-Land" written in 1906 by James W. Acuff and music by Emmet S. Dean.

©2009 Merula Productions
Soon My Work Will All Be Done

Written by Reverend Gary Davis.

Recorded in November, 2009
©2009 Merula Productions